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Valentine Warner’s Fennel & Salami Pizza

Fresh thinly sliced fennel and rocket tossed in lemon oil and lemon zest – that’s only the finishing touches for Valentine Warner’s new Fennel & Salami pizza.

We haven’t even mentioned the soft fennel salami – specially made for us by award winning charcuterie Trealy Farm. The fennel salami is placed on a classic base with chilli flakes, fennel seeds and mozzarella sprinkled on top.

As it comes out of the oven our pizzaiolos pepper the pizza with grated grana padano and top it off with the fennel and rocket. The heat from the pizza and the coolness of the fennel and rocket really brings the pizza to life.

We are so proud of Valentine’s ‘summery’ creation. And Valentine is also so proud to present a pizza with his favourite ingredient – fennel.

Valentine’s Fennel & Salami pizza is proving to be extremely popular with Milano fans – make sure you drop by and try it for yourself.

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Sharing the love

There may be some issues involved when eating out as a couple.

Some couples order one dish each and then swap halfway through the meal.
Others don’t share – they love their dish and they are sticking to it.

Each to their own we say!

To help those who like to share we have released our Valentine’s Sharing Menu that you can order from today until the 14th February.

To make things extra special we have refreshed some of our desserts. First, we created Dough Ball Hearts (Dough Balls in the shape of hearts, of course) and have made the base of our cupcakes red – Red Velvet Cupcakes.

These are limited edition so make sure you give them the taste test before they go after the 14th.

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More on top, less on the bottom!

How many times have you avoided eating out because you have been watching your weight and the lighter options just didn’t cut it?

We feel for you and we have listened. So much so that today we bring to you our BRAND NEW Leggera range.

You can now eat (without guilt) our famous American Hot, Padana, Pomodoro Pesto, Gustosa, American and Pollo Ad Astra pizzas for just 500 calories.

And how have we exactly done this? The new style Leggera are baked on our thinner Romana base, a crisp salad in the centre and topped with shaved ricotta salata cheese and a balsamic dressing. Now you can enjoy usually off-limits ingredients such as pepperoni and goats cheese – whilst still remaining at 500 calories.

You can view our new range by clicking here

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A little Christmas treat

Do you remember the first time you tried our Dough Balls? That moment when you dipped the toasty dough into melted garlic butter. Well, we decided to up the ante for this festive season.

When we released our Christmas menu a few weeks back, there was one item on the menu that made us very excited to share with you… Snowball Dough Balls.

You may think that you’ve tried it all but have you tried our revamped classic Dough Balls with a sprinkle of cinnamon and velvety vanilla cream to dip them in?

You must be warned, these are best ordered for yourself because you wouldn’t want to share.

Snowball Dough Balls

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Milano is changing.

It's all in the detail. We've made lots of subtle changes that you may not notice all at once, but when you do, we hope you love them as much as we do. Come in and see for yourself.


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